June 16, 2008

The Popularity of Vamps

Sancta Sanctis from Antarctica (she jests) reminds me of a young Nolan Ryan, he of that unruly 100mph fastball and shy smile. No pedestrian control pitcher she, she either walks or K's (slays) you. She is capable of surprise and has the audacity of being willing to limb-travel (that is go out on a limb, though I recognize I ruin it in explaining it).

She has an intriguing couple of posts lately on the popularity of vampirism in movies and television these days.

I think the vampire myth resonates with people because we are them. It's not our fault either, but rather Adam & Eve's, who "turned us" as they say on the only vampire show I watch ("Moonlight"). They gave us the gift of concupiscence, the gift that keeps on giving.

That lust for blood is symbolic of concupiscence and just like vampires we are left damaged and not in our intended state, and without the power to undue what has been done to us - though we do have the choice of being symbolically a Forbearer (vampires who do not drink from the flesh and choose to feed on animals) or one of the Horde (vampires who, having sucked a human to death, have gone insane with bloodlust). (Choice is a strong word though, since it ignores the action of grace given that it is not entirely ourselves who control our passions.)

On Moonlight, the forebear/horde types are represented by Mick St. John, the saintly one who drinks blood only from the local blood bank though not as satisfying, and others who indulge in "freshies", that is, they take their blood from live human necks.

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