July 24, 2008

For Your Files...

From the "unintended consequences" file, from the Times:
"Earlier this decade, two researchers affiliated with Vanderbilt University examined more than 100 studies on the effectiveness of antidrug campaigns and found that, in some cases, viewers’ levels of drug abuse actually increased when commercials were shown, perhaps in part because the ads reminded them about that bag of weed in the sock drawer."
* * *

From the "Signs of an Approaching Apocalypse" file:
* * *

From the "Understatement of the Week" file, via the Times:
"Problems in the Middle East have a bad habit of becoming big problems for the rest of the world. The Middle East isn’t Las Vegas: what happens there doesn’t stay there."
* * *

From the parody file:
Parody is Therapy updated with a look at a new social networking site for social networking once removed.

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