July 15, 2008

Making the World Safe for Memeology

Fred has done me the honor of meme'ing me with a quirky one: name six of your quirks.

Hhmmm.... how about:
  • I sometimes make up words in journal entries and posts.
  • I will likely develop back/shoulder troubles from foolishly carrying books with me everywhere I go. (Kindle should help.)
  • I named my cat "Motorboat Jones" after a Reds phenom but it was too long so I began calling him "Sam".
  • My wife and I add "-age" to many words in order to create our own language-age.
  • I used to think elite rhymed with "light".
  • I eat cereal while driving (I used to read while driving, but now I'm (hopefully) wiser.
  • By the power invested in me by the state of Blogdom, I hereby meme six people who want to play. You know who you are.

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