October 20, 2009

Infant Sanctifier

Beautiful prayer from the Devotion to the Divine Infant of Prague, found at the National Shrine in D.C.:
"Jesus, I believe that all graces have their source in you, the Head of the Mystical Body, the Church. I also believe that these graces reach us, the members of the Church, through Mary. Mary brought you to Elizabeth and the unborn John, and with You she brought grace and blessing. Your mother is the instrument and means by which you impart to us your graces. Within herself she bore You, the Source of all grace; it is Your will that she impart this grace to others. I thank you for making your mother the Mediatrix of all graces.

How beautiful is the praise your mother gives God at her visit to Elizabeth! It is a glorious hymn of thanksgiving for God's mercy toward her and all mankind in sending a Savior. How pleasing to You is this praise that comes forth from a heart that loves You so much and is so humble! I joine your mother in thanking You for all the great things You have done for her, and, through her, for all mankind.

Jesus, Infant Sanctifier, from Mary, the most pure Virgin, You assumed flesh and blood so that You might redeem me and become the food of my soul in Holy Communion..."

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