October 16, 2009

Justice & Mercy

A recent moment of Zen: long I've reflected on the Old Testament line about how "justice and mercy shall kiss" and how that would occur with the Parousia. But then like a bolt I realized it's alread happened in Christ; justice being the necessity that our sins be paid for and mercy being that God Himself, Jesus, pays the price for those sins.

From the Word Among Us:
"The extent that we believe in [the gospel] and lay hold of it is the extent to which its power can work through us. The choice is ours: We can be content that our sins are forgiven, or we can become ambassadors for Christ and begin using our gifts to transform society."

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Gregg the Obscure said...

Seems to me that the Requiem Mass ilustrates just that point. The Mozart setting contrasting Confutatis maledictis and Voca me cum benedictis really hits it, particularly if you've listed all the way through.