November 20, 2009

Beer Log

Well I've had the chance to try a few of the beers purchased at Jungle Jim's exotic beer market down in southwestern Ohio. My grades:

Otter Creek Pale Ale: Solid pale if somewhat forgettable: Grade B

Stoudt's Triple (Belgian abbey-style ale): It was okay...a bit too hefe-weizen-ish for me. Grade: C

Lion Stout - Hello! Now there's a wake-me-up stout. Utterly fantastic. "With flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, and smoked/roasted malt," says one website. The find of the night. Grade: A+

Abita beer amber: Very nice drinkable beer. Grade: A-

On deck? A breakfast stout:

What a label! Wouldn't mind a little 'breakfast stout' for breakfast.

Note: no actor was used in the making of this photograph.

For all you stout hunters out there, here we see the stout in its native habitat, the refrigerator.

I'd have taken pictures of the Lion Stout bottle but it's rather plain-looking. Can't judge a beer by its packaging.

Speaking of alcohol, I came across both this and this today. Go figure.


Sean Roberts said...

Wouldn't a stout be better served warm?

TS said...

Could be! Force of habit makes me refrigerate.

Enbrethiliel said...


I see an excellent career for you in the Beer Blogging niche. =)

TS said...

Thanks E -- and it also allows me to deftly sidestep the dilemma posed by Betty Duffy: "There will always be a struggle then to write honestly and still protect the people and experiences that inform the writing process." No peeps were hurt in the making of this post.

Darwin said...

Hmmm. I shall have to keep an eye out for some Lion Stout.

I've got one bottle left of a foursome of Old Rasputin stouts that followed me home one day from the liquor store. Also a pair of Murphy's, though I must admit Murphy's seems rather pale and light by comparison.

It's nice that the weather has come round to where one can drink stout with a good conscience. Good though it is, it never seems quite comfortable in the heat -- rather like a Britisher in the tropics.

TS said...

Ol' Rasputin is definitely a wintertime drink...Very heavy. Guinness, being much lighter, I drink year-round.