November 03, 2009

Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik's Devotional

Roz asked where the Divine Infant of Prague devotional I've mentioned in the past can be found, and I found it here. The author was born fifty years to the day before me. It's not a devotion I would've thought appealing, which is likely why it's appealing. If that makes any sense...

Perhaps it does in the sense that I consistently misunderestimate God's mercy and consistently "forget" to see God's image in others. I think the concepts are related, because to the extent one sees God as very merciful, it's easier to see others as beloved of God. We tend to see others through God's eyes, or more accurately, through our eyes and imagine they this is God's point of view. If God were an impartial judge, then I might well see many (including myself) in a harsh light, because I would be seeing them through the lens of judgment.

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