January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief Efforts

It's interesting to me that both Amy Welborn and the Anchoress recommend the nondenominational Food for the Poor instead of Catholic Relief Services for aid for Haiti. Could be indicative of more of a concern for the people on the ground than for who gets credit for helping those on the ground? Using the Catholic blog search, CRS bests Food for the Poor 34-14 in terms of mentions over the last few days. Of course be it the Red Cross, CRS or Food for the Poor or another help to Haiti charity, it's all good.

Update: a fellow blogger reminds me: "I remember vaguely hearing about problems with CRS: that, incredibly, somehow some of the money for, let us say, Africa, or other developing parts of the world, was getting diverted to contraception. I remember some of our fellow bloggers urging that people not donate to any collections for CRS unless & until the situation was rectified."

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Steven said...

Dear Tom,

The other point is that Food for the Poor has long been serving Haiti and has significant infrastructure already in place to assist. They have a very long-standing presence in Haiti and have been working hard providing food, shelter, clean water, and medicine for a great many years.

So, whether or not there is a problem with CRS, and I can't speak to that, I'd be inclined to give to Food for the Poor just because I know that their support reaches deep into the Haitian population. They have the means to really get help to where it is most needed quickly.

(Maybe true of CRS as well, I just know it is for Food.)

Thanks, however for reminding everyone of how much this is needed CRS or Food, either way--the people of Haiti need our help and prayers.