April 07, 2010

Partial List of Things I Don't Get

  • The all-consuming interest in Tiger Woods. That an athlete strays from monogamy is tedious to the point of nails-on-chalkboard. No one covered Babe Ruth's return to the line-up after a night out on the town, so I don't get why this is even a news story.

  • How Congress, with a straight face, can write a law saying that there will be a penalty if you do not buy health insurance, but within the same law says there can be no penalty if someone doesn't buy health insurance?

  • Why the therapeutic culture gives no credit to the Church for listening to the therapeutic culture back when the therapeutic culture thought sex offenders could be rehabilitated.

  • The relevancy of the racial make-up of Tea Party members.

  • How/why Bart Stupak grasped defeat from the jaws of personal victory in the waning moments of the health care vote.
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