July 29, 2010

Girl Can Write

Am reading Dawn Eden's master's thesis, a corrective of Christopher West's view of Theology of the Body. Longtime follower's of Dawn's blog and book will recall that she, like many of us, suffers from IHA (intense heterosexual attraction), so this topic seems right in her wheelhouse.

It's a riveting read, crack cocaine to those of a certain bent - like all reads are that involve our sworn enemy concupiscence. (Pointless aside... To tune of Donna Fargo's "Funny Face":)

Concupiscence, I loathe thee!
Concupiscence, I hate thee!
You ain't the sweetest word I ever heard...

West has a very bold philosophy in which he says we ought not shrink from opportunities to practice chastity. He says there's a huge difference between continence and chastity, the difference between being under the law and practicing a virtue. Not a proponent of keeping custody of the eyes or avoiding the occasion of sin, he calls them precisely the moments of freedom when we trust Jesus and "walk on the water" instead of hiding on the boat.

It was especially fascinating to see her quote a guy who challenged West's assumption that Jesus can free us from the effects of concupiscence which went along the lines of, "we can be freed of concupiscence to the extent we can be freed from experiencing death." In other words, the lingering effect of Adam's sin exhibits itself not only in our physical deaths but in the objective presence of concupiscence.

But it's a great debate!

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Elena LaVictoire said...

I'd love to read it. Is she blogging again? Steve Kellmeyer has been giving Christopher West a hard time for months now!