July 25, 2010

Over-Spending Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Huge cost-overrun on a local bridge, and the Columbus mayor Michael Coleman smiles and taunts: "Nobody will remember how much the Main Street bridge cost in a generation or two."

Nobody may remember, but somebody will likely still be paying for it.

This seems the new liberal conceit - just spend like crazy, create monuments to your spending and your legacy will be secure. And taxes never come with an itemized receipt for what you purchased, be it a bridge that the architect compares to the Partheon or, far more grievously, a Hippocratic-oath denying abortion.

Coleman's comment sounds faintly reminiscent of the Democrats who, after passing the "health" care bill,  reasoned that in a few years nobody will care how much their bill costs, despite the fact those "costs" represent the ebb of freedom.

Thanks go out to the American readers of this blog for helping buy the bridge, since it was partially nationally funded.
Credit goes to the Dispatch for the story.


Charles said...

I am commenting here because I don't see an email.

Fr Kerul-Kmec at St. Nicholas BC Church in Barberton, OH has brought back relics of the martirs Hopko and Gojic from a trip to Slovakia. They will remain at St. Nicholas permanently. We will formally receive and venerate these relics at Divine Liturgy Sunday Aug 2.

TS said...

Thanks Charles, a Columbus BC church I frequent also has the privilege of having a relic of Bishop Hopko.