August 29, 2010

Truth is Freeing

Heard a former pro wrestler on Bill Simmons's podcast say that "anything said over and over on television will be believed." He talked about how even though he was playing a character, doing his schtick, people honestly hated him. They confused him for his wrestling identity.

I heard a similar thing with the woman, then child, who played Nellie Olsen on "Little House on the Prairie." To this day she has strangers coming up to her and yelling "bitch", pouring liquids on her and otherwise assuming she and her character were the same.

If this is true with television, which (mostly) labels itself as a fiction, how much more easily will people believe falsehoods that get repeated on network news shows?

If we generally believe what we've been told over and over on television, perhaps my faith would strengthen if I'm told over and over the Scriptural message by getting into the Word more. The Psalms seem like that - a lot of reminding ourselves who is Boss and who created and saves us. It's like Fox News or CNN or MSNBC except it's the unadulterated truth. Truth, in the form of Scripture, should have just as prevalent a platform.

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