May 29, 2011

Books of Summer

I’m overlooking the vast horde and hope I remember to bring one fat novel in particular to the Head of Hilton: the one by William F. Buckley’s brother Reid. I read about 10% of the long book yet it still strangely resonates. I suspect I like the idea of that novel more than the actual reading of it. It sits fat on my shelf. Other physical books vying for Hilton Head status include the Oddie biography of Chesterton, the Stan Musial bio, and countless others! I’m hungry for more Joseph Pearce on Shakespeare as well. The only negative about reading is that it seems like you have to Read So Much to get to that snippet meant for you.

On Oddie’s biography of Chesterton, GKC’s childhood was filled with wonder such that it’s not too surprising he became the “wonder prophet”. It feels a bit deterministic, as if he were fated to be exactly who he was. Are we all merely extensions of our childhood, either reactions against it or emanations from it? You can certainly see the seeds (or even saplings) of who he would be in childhood. He was a romantic, preferring Shakespeare, Dickens and Scott.

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