May 11, 2011

News....Earth-shattering and Otherwise

So, found out that a co-worker made a major national news outlet - including picture - for his warning folks about the upcoming end of the world on 5/21. It's just wild seeing someone from work get his fifteen minutes of fame.

What I don't get is how a mathematical model can be derived using the date of the Flood when no one knows exactly when the Flood occurred. Faith and reason -- it takes two wings to fly and one wing just makes the MSM love you, either because reason alone makes you reasonable in their eyes, or faith alone makes you a tempting target of ridicule.

* * *

In other news, I don't know who's more naive. Me for trusting something found on TMZ, or dear Maria Shriver, for thinking a Hollywood movie star/playboy/atheist like Arnold would be a good risk, marriage-wise. I suppose that's too snarky for a Catholic blog but I'm just sayin'.

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