September 06, 2011


Oh the indignity! Had to break out a sweatshirt yesterday for outdoor wear, even at 1, 2, 3pm in the afternoon. A sullen 64 degrees with a 16 mph wind and the sun in her hidey-hole made the day scarcely fit for men or beasts spoiled by a warmer climate. Tis only September 5th, but that shows the variability of early September: one day it's 97 and you're clamoring to get indoors, the next it's 64 and windy and you're clamoring to get indoors. This is the second straight "off" day, since Sunday was rainy and less than clement. With July and August, it's hard to find consecutive poor weather days, unless you count too hot which, of course, I don't. I can scarcely hide my covetousness towards Heather King's southern CA clime.

There's no fooling Mother Nature and she knows what time it is: 7am and the days of the swift hinds of summer seem astonishingly past. It's 7am: do you know where your sun is? The earth's axis has tilted and it's dark and gloomy and the temperature an intemperate 54 degrees. There's no possibility, already, of that civilized routine I so cherished in July and August, that of coffee and books out on the well-lit front porch. Labor Day is well-positioned indeed as the unofficial "end of summer".

I am full of half-remembered dreams from the night spent cozily in the cool sheets of autumn. They, the dreams, always seem so important at the time. Yesterday caution was thrown to the wind and I had four beers, a goodly and generous number, from the hills of the Columbus IPA to the plains of a pumpkin ale.

In my quest for the perfect study bible, I looked up Col 2:1 since it mentioned Laodicea, a town I have a keen interest in because they were famously lukewarm and I'm lukewarm as well. (I was hoping for some kind words from some source.) Surprisingly, the printed Bibles didn't offer anything, but the online ones did. The Ignatius had a rather innocuous comment if a bit of master-of-the-obvious (along the lines of "Laodicea was a nearby city"). The NABRE was what I was looking for, since it gave all references (linked!) to Laodicea along with a more precise rendering of where Laodicea was. Strictly speaking, this NABRE isn't even a study bible; it merely has notes, but strenuous notes they are. I can only imagine how rich the Little Rock Study Bible and the NABRE Study Bible are. I appreciate a printed study bible more than a e-Bible, but I have to say that convenience is helpful and e-book Bibles are the cat's meow in terms of convenience.


I feel a second wind with Monday's day off, a regeneration and renewal, a resumption of energy. It was made concrete by the impress of small improvements made around the house: the freshly framed "Dusk at Lake Michigan" from the art show, the clean bathroom sink (when a child, I thought it 'zink', which somehow seems more fitting), the reasonably tidy book room.


Gregg the Obscure said...

"Intemperate 54 degrees" made me laugh. Loudly. Then again, I wear my "hot weather" walking garb when it's over 57.

TS said...

Yep, it's all what you're used to!