November 18, 2011

On the Cusp of Weekend

Lazy Dog in His Natural Habitat

Last night suckled two fine beers, different as night and day but equally refreshing: a Columbus IPA with its apricot-y high hops flavor followed by the ever-rich Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, another local brew. I used to be dubious of Ohio beers, as if their popularity was a sign of bias or "homerism", but these two brews are as fine as any I've tasted.


Just me, for about ten minutes yesterday, before the Blessed Sacrament. Honored to be guarding the Host. Then an older woman happened in and slowly made her way a few rows in front of me. In her hands was "Shirt of Flame". I felt a moment of connection with Him, the small feeling that my donation to the reading table was not in vain!


Very enjoyable half-hour at my desk today reading of the magical prose of Jeffrey Eugenides. Ah I've been going through fiction withdrawal without realizing it! What pleasure in his printed word I took, savoring the highly digestible sentences. Poetry without affectation, I tell ya.


Likely made a tactical error in blowing off the Lunch & Learn yesterday, the AVP's pet. Admin assistant threw me under the bus by mentioning loudly that I wasn't there, something that wasn't lost on my boss yesterday. I chided her this a.m.: "You busted me out didn't you?" I should've picked up on the signal that this wasn't an optional meeting by the fact that she kept asking us if we were going to be there: the quintessential "tell". The usual corporate passive-aggressive enforcement tactic. I'm somewhat glad I didn't fall for it. (Famous last words.) The meeting, about the financial concept of goodwill, gave me an excuse: "I didn't go because I already know what Goodwill is - I donate there!". Hardee har har. (As always, your experience of humor may vary.)


Steven said...

Dear TSO,

I hate the required that are required but not necessarily explicit. Darn it, if you want me there don't ask me if I'm going to be tell me that you expect it.

I go to between seven and nine hours of meeting almost every working day--so anything that doesn't show up by way of a calendar invite I consider optional--I'd be in the same boat (ceptin' I learnt the code some days ago and now if anyone who consorts with the high and lofty says anything about anything, I'm a-listenin'). But I don't like it.



TS said...

Holy moly! 7-9 hours of meeting every day. Yikes. As usual I have nothing to complain about!

Gregg the Obscure said...

Sometimes I forget how frustrating larger institutions can be. I work for a smaller outfit, so the biggest wigs we have can (and do!) just barge in to drop things on my desk. That can be its own sort of annoyance, but at least expectations here are pretty straightforward.

Then again, it could just be that I'm more the cross than the corpus in this set of human relationships.

William Luse said...

Happy Thanksgiving, TS.

TS said...

Gregg, I like the way you expressed that: "more cross than corpus." I'm sure I'm more the former as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Bill as well. I'm grateful for this job, this post notwithtanding.