December 16, 2011

Translating Cheers

High school jeer/cheer that will apparently forever be lodged in my head went:
"Go Back! Go Back! Go back to the woods! Your coach is a farmer and your team is no good!"
Alternative renderings include:
"Retreat! Retreat! Retreat to the pines. Your coach is a rancher and your team is not exceptional."
Dylan has some much better ones:
Unto the woods convey yourselves with haste; for, as your coach is adept at nothing save tillage of the soil, your team, O hapless foe, is of truly mean estate.
No laurel of victory shall come your way, O wretched contestants of the gridiron! It would seem that your athletic director is incapable of anything but making the earth yield produce in abundance; therefore, O team, return with all due haste to the rural atmosphere; indeed, go back to the bucolic spot which gave you sustenance.


William Luse said...

Dylan's a fairly unique character.

TS said...

He is singular indeed.