January 23, 2013

MLK & Brandon Vogt

Catholic bloggers, a surprisingly bloodthirsty lot (I feel almost chastened by how naive I was in the beginning in thinking that the Catholic blogsophere would be different than the Internet at large), have piled on Brandon Vogt for a pro-Martin Luther King Jr. post. Msgr. Pope responded with alacrity.

Part of what makes King especially interesting to me is his inherent contradictions, but then he was playing by the book in one sense: as Anne Lamont recently tweeted: “Lance, Lance, Lance. Usually these guys are willing to destroy their children, wives, parents, friends, ONLY if they're going to get laid.”

But among the leaders of his day he was an absolute peach. LBJ, Nixon, Hoover, Wallace…a pretty sorry lot, no? But even that is pretty judgmental of me. “By the measure you measure..”.

I tend to want people, including myself, to conform to some sort of consistent, logical pattern. Good or evil. But people are complicated, duh.


William Luse said...

Interesting. Mgsr. Pope's link to Vogt's post take me to a "Sorry...page not found."

TS said...

Very interesting...appears Vogt took the post down then.