February 12, 2013

Bush v. Obama

Am intrigued by how parallel the Bush and Obama presidencies feel. Both got two terms despite bitter, near fanatical opposition from Americans belonging to the other party. Both, without remorse, betrayed a huge part of their respective bases: Bush by spending wildly and engaging in nation building, Obama by continuing most of Bush's hated anti-terrorist policies like drones, Gitmo, civil liberties infringements.

Both Bush and Obama, though, did the One Thing Necessary to secure their own bases: Bush cut taxes and Obama remained a black person. (Kidding - Obama got health care passed.) And, of course, Obama was suitably bloodthirsty on abortion rights while Bush was pro-life. So that soothed both bases as well.

In the end, Obama found the Democrat playbook that worked: hawkish on foreign policy, dove-ish domestically - except for unborn children. Basically the platform comes down to “death to terrorists and unwanted children but love to every one else except the rich.”

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