February 18, 2013

To Tune American Pie

Link here:
Benedict X V I

Not so very long ago
I can still remember how “Habemus Papam” made me smile
And I thought if he had the chance, he’d make those wacky liberals dance
And we’d forget that VII for a while.
But February made me bitter--with each new tweet up from Twitter
Bad news from each blog host; I hated each new blog post
And everybody seemed to find lots to say that was too kind
And I thought I would lose my mind the day the pope resigned.

So bye, bye Benedict X V I
Seems the Novus is still Ordo and I just don’t know why
And all my friends, from the Low Mass and High, are singing
“Popes should stay the pope till they die,
Popes should stay the pope till they die.”

Did he write that “God is Love” and isn’t that on a felt banner above
The altar in that “worship space”
Now, do you know Gregorian Chant? Do modern church songs make you rant?

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Ellyn said...

O my....now I have an earworm for the day!

TS said...

Yep, Dylan earwormed me yesterday with this one.