February 03, 2014


Notes I took this morning concerning what I want to write about almost have a haiku quality: 

Comically karmic Clinton
St Therese first normal saint
No half saint however

On the first, it occurs to me again what karma that Bill Clinton, who for decades won all the "he said/she said" battles, was felled at last by a young girl who kept a dress with physical evidence on it.  You can't make it up; it's stranger than fiction.  Clinton's goose was cooked by the most bizarre circumstances and I'd love to have heard his reaction to the unthinkable: that Lewinski would expose one of his lies definitively.  The master politician and liar was one-up'd by a young school girl. 


It also occurs to me that one of the more amazing things about St. Therese is how normal she seems to have been.  Most saints seem slightly crazy, from St. Francis stripping nude to a legion of other notables.  Other saints may not have been crazy but crazy things happen to them, like St. Pio's stigmata and bi-location.  But you have in St. Therese the true "girl next door" saint.  No pyrotechnics, just extraordinary holiness in the most mundane and ordinary circumstances.  

I came across a rather daunting quote from her recently that goes something like, "There are no half-saints....only full saints". 

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