June 24, 2014

Obama & Clinton Obligatory Vent

There's a cumulative effect at work with my Obama-disgust: Each of these upped the ante: 1) the way the health care bill was passed 2) the bigoted "guns and religion clinging" comment 3) the HHS anti-religious liberty mandate 4) Benghazi (for the cover-up, not for the fact that he was incompetent with respect to defending the embassy)  5) NSA spying and eavesdropping on Germany's Merkel  6) IRS scandal, i.e. calling it a "phony" scandal.

And Hillary? She's starts in huge deficit of course. But unlike with Obama there's some sort of weird voodoo she's casting. I can't turn my eyes away from her during these book-tour interviews. Just going on Fox News was something of an ask for forgiveness. It's just penny dreadful that we'll surely have to put up with her for a term or two as Prez. I can't quite turn my head away because it's a man-bites-dog story given that she wants something from me/us: i.e. book sales and a potential vote. Come inauguration day we'll like be treated as pond scum. Ah politics! What a perfect waste of a good attitude!

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