January 07, 2015

Love v. Life

Recent highlight was surely the gestation of some superabundant Love, specifically the eye-opener in the Lit of the Hours we say on feast days, and how it applies not just to our attitude towards God, but God's attitude towards us, as contained in this line:

“For your love is better than life.”

Didn't Jesus in fact trade his life for our love? For the Father's, surely, but also for ours? I've said that prayer so many times and today it hit me for the first time in that reciprocal way and not seeing it merely as an instruction from God that we see His love as worth more than our life but that He did so first.

It's ridiculous, but I always seem to be surprised when I (re-)learn that God loved us first and that He really lives up to what He preaches in the Bible and Church. There's no "do as I say, not as I do" with God.

From the Spencer monks:
It’s a wonderful insight to grasp the core of Jesus’ message by realizing the magnitude, the depth, the comprehensiveness of the divine embrace, of Jesus’ ardor for you – you as beloved of God. It can be spiritually inebriating if you let it touch you as deeply as Jesus intends to touch you. But there is more! The more here is simply the realization moment by moment that each of us is always and everywhere the beloved of God, someone with whom God is madly in love.

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