February 11, 2015

Maureen Dowd & Obama

So turns out that one person who really gets under Obama's skin is NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd.

It could be because he expects the liberal chorus to praise and sanctify him and she didn't play her part.

But it could also be because he recognizes a kindred spirit and it bothers him.  Just as he plays the above-the-fray psycho-analyzer-in-chief (recall this comment about gods & guns?), Mo Dowd hits too close to home given her own above the fray, psycho-analyzer of chiefs role.

It's like how in basketball teams that like to press don't like to be pressed.  Similarly, above the fray, rash psycho-analyzers don't like to be rashly psycho-analyzed by those above the fray.

Obama and Dowd come by it honestly.  As Heather King wrote, "every writer must in one way or another live 'apart' from the world."   And Obama is a talented writer as evidenced by Dreams of My Father.

Reminds me how it's always something of a toss-up as to what bothers us more: our sins mirrored in others, or sins of others that we don't have.  Might be a "both/and" situation.

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