June 01, 2015

All My Gadgets Are Charged...

Watched last half hour of 40-Year Old Virgin because it was on TV as I was flipping channels and a more joyous ending I'd not seen since one of Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare flicks, I think A Midsummer Night's Eve. In both movies there's a group dance scene and in this one the cast went '60s retro, singing Aquarius.  Just so well choreographed and well-played. As much as I think movies so passé now (television is king), I am a sucker for a goofy musical number like this.

Inspires me to go for a joke piece. To tune of Leaving on a Jet Plane:
All my gadgets are charged,
I'm ready to go,
I'm waitin' here on Instant Messenger,
I hate to send this text to say goodbye.
But the Keurig's brewing
It's early morn
The Uber's waitin'
He's texting my phone
Already I'm so bored
that I could die
So tweet me and facebook me
Tell me that you'll instagram me
“Like” my posts and never go offline…
'Cause I'm leavin', goin' to rehab
Don't know when I'll have wifi again
Oh babe I hate to log off….

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