December 23, 2015


Interesting lines about blogging:
Most of the personal blogs I once followed have vanished, or haven’t been updated in months or years. The blogroll in my sidebar reads like an honour roll of war dead. But I keep on blogging because, compared to tweeting for thousands of followers or posting to hundreds of Facebook friends, the single-digit pageviews my blog now attracts are a paradoxically private way to express myself.
What adults can mistake for narcissism – performing one’s intimate self as thoughtless, obnoxious "selfies" – is just kids larking about for their mates. 
Blogging persists, of course. But it’s mostly for adults – professionalised to the point where the old "bloggers vs journalists" debates now seem hopelessly quaint. Maintaining a personal blog has become entrepreneurial: a job that earns an income through display advertising, network marketing, ebooks and blog-to-book deals.

Ross Douthat on Star Wars and decadence.


Everybody on earth is your cousin.


From National Review:
From the medieval university through the colonial colleges, institutions of higher education aimed to teach “the best which has been thought and said,”in Matthew Arnold’s phrase. This vocation was political as well as intellectual. In studying masterpieces of Western civilization, students could cultivate virtues necessary to limited government.
Next, conservatives argued that influxes of students and subsidies after World War II diverted universities from this mission. Rather than educating citizens for self-rule, they prepared students for lives as workers and consumers.
“Educate me so that I may be a virtuous citizen and then a good job will follow as byproduct” reminds me of, from a religious perspective, “make me virtuous for your sake O Lord and then I shall be saved as byproduct”.


Hey I made it through this post Trump-free,  er, ....doh!


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