May 12, 2016

Sirach, Knox Version

The Knox translation always win the poetry slam (Sir 43):
Like a jewel the vault of heaven is set above us; the sight of it is glory made visible. Plain to our view is the sun’s passage as it shines out, a very masterpiece of his workmanship, who is the most High...The moon, too, that keeps tryst so faithfully, ever marking how the seasons change, and giving the signal when feast days come round! The moon, whose light must decrease till it vanishes, and then increase to the full circle, the month its name-child; cresset of a watch-fire that lights up the high vault of heaven with its radiant glow. And the stars that deck the sky with their splendour, a beacon-light the Lord kindles high above us; the summons of his holy word answering so loyally, watching so patiently at their post!
Look up at the rainbow, and bless the maker of it; how fair are those bright colours that span heaven with a ring of splendour, traced by an almighty hand.

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