November 12, 2016

Politics as Idol

Kind of stunned by the reaction to election, but in a post-Christian society there's a strong pull to raise politics to idol status.  From a book blurb:
Emilio Gentile argues that politics over the past two centuries has often taken on the features of religion, claiming as its own the prerogative of defining the fundamental purpose and meaning of human life. Secular political entities such as the nation, the state, race, class, and the party became the focus of myths, rituals, and commandments and gradually became objects of faith, loyalty, and reverence.
So all the hysteria is understandable in light of that. This will likely get worse as faith in God wanes because if this world is all there is, then politics is all there is.

Gregory Wolfe, the editor of Image, wrote:
If you followed me [on Twitter] because I pointed out the irony of the "NotMyPresident" protesters doing what people feared Trump might do -- That is, potentially refuse to accept the results of the election and thought it was because I supported Trump, you are mistaken.

The irony is that some people -- on both sides -- are so ideological and alienated that they seem prepared to deny the rule of law.

And that scares the hooey out of me.

So I'll say it again: I loathe and fear Donald Trump; I will "resist" when necessary, but I will also try to shape the larger conversation in such a way that -- however remote the likelihood may be -- I can be some influence for good on the world that shapes HIS decisions. 

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