January 13, 2017

More Innocent Days

Attached is something our company provided before 2011 – it was the source of endless mirth back in the day (much less funny now given the new reality of terrorism).

It’s hard to know where to begin, but I guess under the "can't hurt to ask!" category we have: “why did you place the bomb?” followed by “what is your name and address?”.

Also liked the thoroughness of potential background noises such that “crockery” was included.

If someone got a bomb threat, I'm not sure they'd have the presence of mind to say, "Please wait on the line sir while I find my bomb threat checklist."


Banshee said...

You would be surprised. When you're being a secretary or receptionist (or doing the much less glorious call center jobs), one of the skills is to be able to keep talking or listening while looking up the emergency binder, or the proper information they're going to need in a minute, or what have you. If you're good at it, it's totally seamless.

TS said...

Yeah I was mostly being facetious for comedy's sake, but certainly giving it to me (not having an orderly desk) was a fail given I'd have had to have said "Please wait a sec..".

fillyjonk said...

We still have a list of things (but not a checklist) we're supposed to ask/find out over the phone. I have a list of "emergency procedures" taped to the wall right over my usual workspace.

We're also told not to "call" an evacuation of the building ourselves, but let a higher up assess the threat. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Then again, at my dad's university, back in the 70s, "Bomb Threats" were a regular reason why the campus was closed for the day or classes were delayed a couple hours. Oddly enough, they only seemed to happen during midterms or end-of-semester exam weeks....