June 06, 2017

Sherwood Comes East

Enjoyable dinner with Californian and longtime blogger, first-time (Ohio) caller Jeff C. He's very interesting to listen to, well-spoken, and one can tell immediately the intelligence.

We had dinner at the Red Brick Tavern (since 1836, which coincidentally is when Jeff and I first started blogging!) in London since it was half-way more or less between Dayton and Columbus. Our waitress was kind of wise-cracking and in that reminded me of Flo from Mel's Diner and Jeff was old enough to immediately pick up the reference.

I was struck by how he recounted how a fellow had told him not to have more than two kids because if you have enough of them you'll end up with one who gets into drugs or dies early or otherwise breaks your heart. In other words, "love is risky?" Jeff said. He said "yes"... you can't have love without risk. I remarked how Jesus's coming to earth was certainly a high-risk proposition for Him.

He mentioned how he was impressed by the beauty of Ohio, how green everything is compared to his drought-stricken part of the continent in California.

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