March 08, 2019

Why So Many Illegals? Thank Bill Clinton

Interesting backstory to why Mexican illegal immigration took over over past couple decades from Eric Scheske's podcast:
"When I grew up in this town there were like two Mexican families and then by the next summer they're all over the place. What happened?  I heard this from Benedict Groeschel.  He pointed out to me, and I've verified it since, that it was Bill Clinton who caused the problem. For generations, at least 50-100 years, Mexicans had come up from Mexico to work in the agriculture industry and they relied on that money, busted their humps in United States for six months, went back and hung out and took it easy for six months in winters in Mexico.  They came and went and it was quite peaceful.  Labor unions pressured Clinton administration in 1990s to shut down that program and reduce number of workers to come across the border to increase union wages. It didn't work, we needed the workers and people here didn't want those jobs and all that happened was they had to sneak across the border in order to do the jobs their families had been doing for generations.

But once they snuck over they didn't want to sneak back the next year, it would be far too risky, so they just stayed here. That's where the problem came from.  That's the primary cause of this Mexican population that we have, that Clinton just basically shut down the work visa program.  That was bad enough, but then we as a country one up'd that.  Mexicans who stayed ended up getting other jobs, in factories and other places, but when you hire someone they have to fill out an IRS form that has the social security number.  The IRS would reject it because the Mexican had just made one up. So the Mexican would make up a new number and the IRS would say nothing. At that point the IRS and federal government knew that factory had an illegal alien working there.  And they did nothing - and do you know why they did nothing?  Two reasons: one, we needed the workers and the unions got their victory on paper only.  But two, more importantly, the Democrats shining gem in their history, what they think is their shining gem, Social Security, was broken.  And they knew it was broken as baby boomers began to retire, so they bring in all these Mexicans, you accept their bogus SSNs and deduct 7.6% of their salary for Social Security, you put them into the system to bolster your broken system and you know the Mexicans then cannot draw the money later because they gave a bogus SSN.  It's quite insidious, these Mexicans are not wealthy people, you are basically depriving the poor of their wages."

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