December 05, 2020

Tucker’s Legit Questions About Georgia

The American character, Rich Lowry once said, is for Americans to be slow to rouse but once roused to be formidable.  An example being the world wars where America tried to isolate but once the battle was joined were “all in”.

There’s some of that in the culture and political wars of our time. The Republican Party is reactive, not proactive, which mirrors the quintessential American spirit. Republicans didn’t create an activist judiciary but once it was clear (see Bork) there were new terms of engagement, the GOP fought back hard with the Federalist Society and a new flowering of an originalist judges and we see the fruit of that decades-long battle in the new justices under Trump. 

Similarly, the Left generally starts the battle but the Right at least lives to fight again. And so Zuckerberg is like a chess champion a couple moves ahead in this election cycle, suppress speech a bit on his platform while at the same time raining literally hundreds of millions of dollars into voting infrastructure in Democrat counties. Hardball, like the Bork-ing. 

Tucker Carlson remarked on Zuckerberg’s success: 

“What’s frustrating…is that the Left is incredibly organized, they understand how the systems work and they want to control the systems. The people who actually like America are not very organized ... they talk a lot but don’t seem to get their act together.”

The Left may be chaotic politically but operationally they know the levers. You can see that in how the voting changed with covid, how the Dems in state legislatures played it like pool sharks and the Republicans were hapless. Stacey Abrams, man she got it done. Brian Kemp and Raffensperger, not so much. Assuming they even were in the game. 

Part of it is probably that conservatives work from the premise that politics is downstream from culture, rather than the Democrat view of politics creates and informs culture. But elections matter, illegitimately run ones especially.

A video surfaces showing Georgia officials moving around “suitcases” after vote-counters were sent home. We were told “nothing to see here, that’s normal.” 

Tucker Carlson’s not taking it at face value. He says we are entitled to questions being answered and not condescended to as “conspiracy theorists”. His questions: 

“What was said to the poll monitors that caused them to leave?”

“Why were there reports of a pipe leak on election night that delayed ballot counting. Did it happen, Is it true?”

“What caused the Georgia Sec of State to send a monitor to the room just prior to midnight?”

“Which, if any, votes were counted during the 90 minutes when the workers were unsupervised?”

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