February 26, 2021

Friday Hot Takes

A balmy 40+ degrees this week, the first snow melt since January, a full month of having an exquisite snow blanket cover the ground. I think a month is enough and has served all my snow needs for a year. 


Kind of mesmerized by the earnest young people in our diversity meeting today. Touching how religious they are in their desire not to offend others by a stray remark. They really take to heart identity politics and have bought into their own guilt.  One fellow is Mr. Alan Alda, a sweet sensitive guy who wouldn’t insult a flea and yet feels a great need to improve in his diversity awareness. Says that if he sees a picture of the Board of Directors or any group photo of leaders he now notices if they were all white, which he wouldn't have before. He counts this as progress. Sigh. So much for MLK. 

God love them all. These young un’s are the answer to us GenX’rs who were raised on Dilbert cartoons and Letterman. Everyone rebels against the generation previous. 


Listened to a good podcast (Conservative Daily) with Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno who is doing the case involving Dominion and Antrim County. He alone was able to capture the prize of prizes in a sketchy election: a holy Dominion server. This deep dive into one county is what we thirsted for.

Inspiring to see his can-do Americanism, to see him smartly anticipate bad actors by having twenty-four guards stationed around a state office building. And sure enough he had to turn away someone at 1am on Saturday morning and another later that afternoon before getting the Dominion goods on Sunday. Reporters of course were inundating him with calls, incredulous that a judge gave him access to the holy of holies. The reporter's job, of course, was to gawk and shake their heads in disapproval, not to investigate. 

He seems capable unlike, God love her, Sidney Powell. She lost me with her basic lack of attention to duty, i.e. spelling errors in her briefs as well as some of her odd tweets. 


Kind of an ominous pair of Mass readings today. Jonah preaches to Nineveh: “Forty days more, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”  Jonah called for a 40 day fast, recreated by Jesus despite his sinlessness. In the gospel Jesus says, “no sign will be given to this generation except the sign of Jonah.”  If Jonah’s sign was “40 days of fasting or Nineveh shall be overthrown!” then Christ’s was “40 days of repentance or Jerusalem will be overthrown!”. And it seems telling it was 40 years between Christ’s death and the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.   


John Henry Newman:

"The simplicity of a child’s ways and notions, his ready belief of everything he is told, his artless love, his frank confidence, his confession of helplessness, his ignorance of evil, his inability to conceal his thoughts, his contentment, his prompt forgetfulness of trouble, his admiring without coveting; and, above all, his reverential spirit, looking at all things about him as wonderful, as tokens and types of the One Invisible, are all evidence of his being lately (as it were) a visitant in a higher state of things."


With the temptation of Christ in the desert it’s interesting to follow the logic. 

The devil first attacks Jesus’s identity: “IF you are the Son of God” and tries physical appetite. Jesus follows with asserting that Scripture is food so the devil in next question quotes Scripture and subtly brings into question the love of the Father and angels. This approach worked on Adam and Eve where the main temptations were God’s love for them and the physical appetite.

In the final question he doesn’t question Christ’s identity or the Father’s love or appetites but goes for the raw power grab: worship me instead of them. And the devil is summarily dismissed.

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