May 20, 2021

DIY Journalism

The death of journalism makes theories - conspiracy or otherwise - flourish since everyone is forced to be their own journalist. It’s a do-it-yourself era. 

The shocking reaction to even the suggestion of looking under the hood of voting machines seems conspiratorial in and of itself. 

I think part of the problem is how people experience computers, thinking of the “impartiality”, like the way they use a calculator and come up with the same answer every time, unaware that code is very partial. Most people seem blind to how a look under the hood at most programming code would make you blanche. No doubt part of the reason Dominion and company are so reluctant to audits it’s simply due to the level of embarrassment that would result. Embarrassing for slap-dashery even if not out-and-out fraud. 

A key concerning character in this is Eric Coomer. He knows where the bodies are buried, appears to have godlike admin powers, and seems to be a disreputable character.  Not a good combination. The lack of a systematic check-and-balance - just plain good old-fashioned auditing - doesn’t come easy with computer code given the ways it can appear very opaque to the unacquainted.  Power tends to aggregate when dealing with complex computer systems as there are so few who have the time to know and understand the big picture (and the micro issues) and thus he or she has the ability in turn to affect the big picture. The level of naivety of the public is understandable given their experience of an ATM, banking, mortgage amortizations, all seem to “work”. 

Voting seems unique in that you have three major components: the alive, human (hopefully; now who’s being naive) voter, the physical ballot, and the machine tabulator.  It’s seemingly impossible to audit because two out of the three are “inaccessible”.  The physical ballots are a joke because they don’t tie to any actual living human being; they tie at best to a voter registration list and that list is filled with dead people, or folks who have moved out of state, or people who didn’t actually vote even though they magically have a ballot filled out for them. 

One way to “wall off the system” is to not have the voting machines hooked to the Internet, but we’ve found alas that many are. That alone is verboten to the point that you can’t certify votes. Worse, you can print and then back-date ballots to Election Day. 

But a huge advantage for Dominion and others is that the people complaining about them are not important.  Not the elites. Platforms bans the discussion and google hides the search results, amazon the books, etc... 

From Ryan Williams, president of the Claremont Institute: 

“With the audit in Maricopa County [there was an] immediate and universal misinformation campaign. In other words they wanted to paint it from the beginning as just a partisan witch hunt.  There are a lot of well-intentioned folks who really want to get to the bottom of the 2020 election and figure out in some definitive way whether there were real shenanigans or not. The weight of the establishment ,both Right and Left, are not interested in even investigating it because they made up their minds months ago.”

Those well-intentioned folks don't have the juice, don't matter.  

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