September 17, 2021

1/6 Prisoners

Still kind of mesmerized that January 6th protestors/rioters are still in jail after all this time, the vast majority having committed no violent crime beyond trespassing. This was a decent and visible test of the rule of law and the justice system failed dramatically. 

I know I’m not supposed to be surprised because we live in a fallen world, and America treated Native Americans like dirt and certainly Black people have known for years about unequal justice... but this was such a high profile case in a "modern" time. This was a chance for our country to show that the law means something, the right to a speedy trial means something, that you can’t hold someone for 9 months in solitary confinement because you don’t like them. 

On 1/6 I thought: “wow, now maybe they’ll crack down on Antifa violent protestors next time, now that they see both sides do this crap.”  How naive! The plan is obviously to crack down much harder on the Right, of course. Send a message. Compare MAGA to Islamic terrorists. Could’ve seen that coming. I fear it’s the canary in the coal mine as far as those with the wrong political opinion receiving unequal justice under the law. Or religious views. 

Last year came the "preparatory shock-worthy event": Australia’s persecution of Cardinal Pell, who came a hair-breadth of life in prison basically for being a Catholic prelate. 

Growing up, I had such an idealized vision of the justice system. If they can do this to those 1/6 prisoners they can do it to any of us. Reminds me of the saying that we’re ruled by lawyers and they get to pick winners and losers.  St. Thomas More pray for us. 

Update: revised post to reflect lack of clarity on how many who are in prisons who committed non-violent offenses. 


mandamum said...

But they're not in jail? I too would be shocked and worried if what you say is true, so I went looking. I understand many of them are still awaiting trial, but as of May more than 70% of them had been released, enough that it's causing other people to complain they're actually getting specialized positive treatment as a group.

As of May 10, the Guardian says, "Of 398 defendants listed on the justice department’s Capitol breach case site as of 10 May, at least 330 were listed on the site, or in federal court records, as released from custody. At least 56 of those defendants remained in detention." I don't know what the current status is, but I would assume that those 330 won't be re-detained until after trial at least, and there aren't even 300 more, so no way it's even over 50% now.

I really enjoy your thoughtful posting - thanks!

TS said...

Good point! Thanks, I’ll have to update my post. Still one prisoner is too many. More info: