May 24, 2022

Answering Jonah Goldberg

Kind of amusing Jonah Goldberg G-file on Friday in which his makes the argument that Trump's character is poor and that he's distressed that neither political side ever admits they are wrong.  

Trump is of poor character, just as every president since Reagan or Papa Bush. Some just hide it better. If character is destiny then no wonder the country is where it is (and not the work of one orange man! To paraphrase Willa Cather, that soup is the work of a thousand years). 

And of course neither side admits being wrong. Did Sherman admit some piddling thing to a southern belle on his March to the sea? Did Jeff Davis apologize for passing gas in a letter to Lincoln?

Goldberg should read the great Norman Podhoretz who recognizes the season accurately: a cold civil war.

There will be no reckoning or accountability for Trump until there is also for FBI (see Whitmer case and 1/6). No Epps, no peace. 

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