June 29, 2022

Trump Associate John Eastman's Phone Seizure

Heard podcast with a documentary director (Michael Pack) in which he talks about the effectiveness of lies:  “What happens is that if you’re not thinking about it you just absorb the narrative. If you don’t have a counter-narrative to set against it, you can’t just disbelieve everything you’re told, some of it just comes in.“ 

So the January 6th committee may well be successful towards it's goal, that of narrative-setting.  To the extent it goes unchallenged by enough outlets, it trickles down eventually. You can't disbelieve everything. 

I’m trying to square Trump’s supposed involvement with how Kash Patel testified under oath that Trump asked for 20,000 troops if need be a couple days before the 6th. Did Trump suddenly become thirsty for violence on the 6th while he wasn’t on the 4th? 

Patel testified that the president, on his own, told Patel and Gen'l Milley: “if you guys need 20,000 National Guard in the coming days you have my authorization”.  

We know if Milley had said anything to the committee contradicting Patel’s statement there's a 100% certainty it would’ve been leaked. 


Trump associate & constitutional lawyer John Eastman had his iPhone seized and was only shown the warrant after it was seized.  (The 4th and 5th amendments apparently now regarded as optional.)

Additionally, the FBI held the phone up to Eastman's face so that they could access the phone. Civil libertarian Kurt Opshal tweeted: "The Eastman phone seizure warrant illustrates how a password can provide more legal protection than fingerprint or facial unlock."

Hell hath no fury like a Deep State scorned.  Smart phones are pretty dangerous instruments these days. I recall what a lawyer said on "60 Minutes" years ago, how lawyers have the real power in this country and they can single out winners and losers at will. But then so do corporations.  


Fwiw, this quote seems reasonably true enough of our own leaders with respect to the border problems and their attitude towards blue collar Trump voters: 

"All empires fail because of arrogance, ignorance, and because they treat the very people who made their empire with utter disdain.” 

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