December 30, 2004

A Blog PSA in Public Service Announcement. (Testing, testing...)

I'd like to thank the Academy...(Oops, wrong speech.)

I'm always surprised by the seriousity with which some follow "Spanning the Proverbial Globe To Bring You The Constant Variety of Posts". Since many people read this blog expressly for that particular feature, its continuance is assured. But I was chagrined to find people keeping score.

As I do not wish to alienate 10% of my reading audience, I would like, by way of recompense, to hereby recognize one MamaT and one Enbrethiliel, two of the hardest workin' bloggers in showbiz, and present them with the coveted STG Lifetime Achievement Award. Their underrepresentation on STG shows only my weakness and failure to recognize greatness (which was most recently demonstrated by devoting space to a quote about a sixty-year old skinny-dipper).

On a personal note, I know how they feel. There ain't a priest in St. Blog's who links to this blog. How's that supposed to make me feel? Like a heathen? And one of my favorite bloggers of all time has never noted my existence, for which I'm honestly grateful because his audience is too big and I'd rather not have strangers nosin' around. But remember the '70s commercial where the kid gets tossed Mean Joe Greene's smelly jersey in the lockerroom after Mean Joe won the Superbowl? I am that kid, waiting forlornly by the side of Joe's locker, hoping for a nod. But wouldst thou hearest me complain? Na baby na! Just got to shake these things off! I've already forgotten about it. *grin*

But Enbrethiliel writes, beautifully, "As much as I wish I could write something very POD and very beautiful--something with enough wit, moreover, to number it among the fortunate few posts mentioned in 'Spanning the Globe . . .' (an honour granted to nothing I have written for at least two months) . . . well, as much as I wish I could write the most splendid post of my life today, all I can offer are some thoughts inspired by Samuel Butler's Erewhon."

To which I can only reply, Erewhon? Oh, yeah, was he the alien from the planet Nebulon on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century who flirted with Erin Grey's character?

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