December 30, 2004

Fictional Thursday

"Got to be the unlikeliest story of all," said Brad, patron sinner of Oliver's Bar & Fill.

"In-doob," replied Jack, who did his best to keep the language moving; no use wasting breath on -itablies. "Bloody unlikely."

"I'd have gone back and kissed His feet."

"A cure concentrates the mind wonderfully. Like winning the lottery. Ungrateful bastids."

"Ten leprotics and one returns? What're the options? One, they didn't know they were sick. Which couldn't be because they were quarantined, outcasts. Sores all over. Impossible to forget. Two, they knew but expected him to do it so it was 'no big deal'. It was 'his job'. Three, they were too busy telling wives, girlfriends, children, golfing buddies, the local barkeep, massage therapist, and the priests."

"Yeah, well they had to be grateful inside - how do you separate surprise from gratitude? Surprise at receiving something they badly wanted after presumably years--"

"Maybe they were surprised but already had new priorities and didn't bother to go back to thank Him."

"True, but the foreigner was the one that came back. What's that say? That he was the only one who didn't have an entitlement mentality?"

"Yup. Same reason converts are saving the Church. They appreciate."

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