December 28, 2005


Ah but it's got to be tough to be in the political commentary business these days given that every tom, dick and harry blogger is out there word-tossing. But National Review shows itself a cut above the rest with amusements like this, regarding the late Eugene McCarthy: "As an amateur poet, he pursued the muse gallantly despite her evident reluctance to be courted by him."

And something from Dickens in Bleak House: "...a bundle of pawnbrokers' duplicates, those turnpike tickets on the road of Poverty"...elsewhere, "...and even its painted ceilings, where Allegory, in Roman helmet and celestial linen, sprawls among balustrades and pillars, flowers, clouds, and big-legged boys, and makes the head ache -- as would seem to be Allegory's object always, more or less."

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