December 28, 2005

Strom des Bewußtseins

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but it's not a good practice in blogging. Whenever I try to write like Lileks or Luse it I end up not sounding like Lileks or Luse at all. But there's something oddly compelling about Bill's stream o' conscious posts, so I'll try one too. (Bill writes, "If it’s becoming obvious I don’t have much to say, well, hang in there; I’m just getting started." [Emphasis mine.] Funny, when I don't have much to say I normally don't have much to say though I hope this post proves the exception.)

So I was out running yesterday, trying to shed holiday excesses, when my iPod played this song which, of course, I've been unable to eradicate from my head ever since. They don't call them "catchy" tunes for nothing. But the thought occurs: aren't the lyrics more influenced by American individualism than Scripture?

(It's surely too cutesy to say 'insert segue here', a gimmicky way to announce the lack of segue by way of a joke. But insert segue here.)

For someone who doesn't know beans about Aquinas or Augustine, let alone Plato or Aristotle, I'm mesmerized by the differences of their acolytes. I've finally hit upon the ultimate dumbed-down impression: if you scored higher on your math S.A.T, you'll like systemizer Aquinas. Higher on verbal S.A.T., the personalist Augustine. If you scored about the same on both, you're torn between the two. Unfortunately I can already think of several examples where this doesn't really hold true so I ask you to consider what you paid for it.

~ <- segue character (with this magic delimiter, you'll never have to segue again!)

I shared my Bad Catholic's Guide to Life with my mom and her reaction was that her friend Carol was right - many of the saints were plumb crazy. I told her that I'm just glad to know - finally - who is depicted in that statue in the Boston church, the woman holding an unappetizing platter of eyeballs. ('Twas St. Lucy.) Mom said there's a saint who holds a platter of breasts. Ouch. Don't need to see that one.
I think we've achieved the complete depletion of my social energies. This time of year usually does it, and I'm always impressed by how efficiently it does so. I naively think there'll be something left in the tank but...
Drove past a Lutheran church advertising a traditional service and an "Emerging Style" service. The word "contemporary" must not be contemporary enough. I guess even the name of the newest service has to be constantly changed.

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