January 17, 2006

...And the calliope crashed to the ground

Perhaps sensing that Social Security and Medicare are going to bankrupt us anyway so there's no point in fiscal restraint, Republicans are pork barrelling - during a war no less - with a vengeance. It looks like a key moment is coming up with the replacement of Tom Delay. My representive, Rep. Deborah Pryce has been reported as sitting on the fence between Blunt and Boehner which frankly surprised me. I don't see how Blunt can even be an option, unless friendships made in Congress override everything.

Robert Novak writes,
"Blunt has been complicit in the epidemic of earmarks, where Republican lawmakers far exceeded their Democratic predecessors in the amount of special projects inserted in spending bills without authorization or even a hearing. He also has been vigorous in obtaining earmarks for his Missouri district and uninterested in restricting the practice. He was among the party leaders who last year privately spanked Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., the study committee’s chairman, for trying to cut back earmarks."
Personally, I don't give a fig about travel, dinners on lobbyists, or even much on Abrahamhoff, Schambramhoff. The worst sin seems to be the constant taking money from the treasury without an honest vote. If Blunt makes it, it looks like Republicans will deserve to be in the minority again.

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