January 18, 2006

Blogger Ambitiously Climbs Blogger Ladder

LITTLE ROCK, AR--Taking Machiavelli's The Prince as his guide, Roger Bilderstrung is attempting to climb the ladder of blogger success.

"I make sure to praise and link those who have bigger blogs. I also give props to 'the little people', smaller blogs who might one day achieve stardom and bring me with them."

Roger measures his success by the number of hits and comments he receives.

"Comments are good, because people like to see themselves in print. Even though they can always set up their own blog, comments allow another forum in which to air their opinions. I don't read them of course, I just keep track of the number and spreadsheet the relationship between comments received and the subject matter."

Bilderstrung reports reading Ayn Rand's books too.

"She knew lots of shit, man. Production is key, that's what it's all about. Production and marketing."

Roger's blog currently averages 55 hits a day, though he says adjusting for lower weekend hit rates it's closer to 58.

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