June 23, 2006

An Authority Unto Herself

In the quote below, a liberal female Episcopalian blogger experiences the cognitive dissonance of being led where she does not want to go by someone of her own gender. For perhaps the first time she has to choose between the message and the messenger and between two ideas she holds. One is that it doesn't matter what the message is as long as it's a woman she can identify with (in this case Bishop Jefferts Schori) doing the "messengering". The other is that only the message matters. Fascinating:
I was shocked and annoyed by the resolution we got. I was feeling like the Presiding Bishops were shoving it down our throats. When Bishop Jefferts Schori was speaking I also had this bizarre experience. For the very first time in my life I was really feeling invested in authority. Here was this woman in a very high office and I felt compelled to listen to her and her office. I've never in my life had that experience. It was weird and confusing because I was totally not in line with what she was asking of us.
She didn't say how she ended up voting concerning the resolution B-033.

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