June 23, 2006

Ham o' Bone...

...seems to be getting a bit big for his britches (metaphorically speaking only). So place tongue in cheek for this rejoinder! :-)

Food Song

I weigh two twenty two
a number hard to chew
but do not feel dismay
I'm just big-boned they say.

Of veggies I'll have none
I'd 'druther a Hahn pun
Or a cold and drizzly run
For of pizza I say 'yum'!

Call me quite a sinner
don't call me late to dinner
I'd rather not be thinner
if the food tastes like paint thinner.

Hitler ate no meat
and barely filled his seat
While Aquinas was rotund
His holiness fecund.

I'd rather be the latter
even though I would be fatter
guess I still can't be a satyr
when it comes to chocolate batter.

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