July 27, 2006

Critic Says Rating Drinking Water Requires Omniscience to Fully Appreciate

BOSTON, MA-- Drinking water expert Jerry Leskowski said today that anyone not involved in the production of tap water should "keep their opinions to themselves" and not comment on it.

Leskowski said that given his extensive background in water drinking, other people should respect and honor his expertise by not blogging about the worth or taste of a given city's drinking water.

"Yes I'm an elitist," he said, "and it's difficult to be an elitist in a democratic society. All the little people have their little opinions of the tap water of major American cities, and that inevitably makes it tough for my opinions - the correct ones - to get through. Too many people are crowding out my expertise and I don't like it. Tap water would be like wine if if only my judgment mattered."

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