July 16, 2006

Pope G. Will I

ABC's This Week shows its exquisite fairness by the whole panel piling on against Bush's stem cell research veto.

Sam Donaldson expresses incredulity. "This is a way to save lives!", by gosh! Has he heard the phrase the end doesn't justify the means? Are we at the point in history where you have to faith in God in order to assent to that phrase? The ends always justify the means in a secular society. "Get 'er done!" as they say, it doesn't matter how you get 'er done. But that means ultimately the only arguments we will be left with in the public square are religious ones. By the year 2050 we'll be saying something like, "being against the killing of infants is a religious argument."

Cokie Roberts, on the other hand, is ever the practical one. No support from this Catholic: "It's already happening so let's regulate it."

George Will warns that the Republican party will be seen as incompatible with science. But not religion, he's quick to add. Religion isn't incompatible with science it's true. But in Will's view it seems the fact that Catholic bishops have come out strongly against embryonic stem cell research implies that the Catholic bishops are not acting religiously (since being against embryonic stem cell research is anti-science and religion is not anti-science and so anyone in the name of religion who is against embryonic stem cell research is thus not espousing true religion).

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