March 20, 2007

Dis 'n Dat

David Frum writes about Mark Steyn's book, asking why he would do so if the situation were as hopeless as depicted. (I would've thunk for sales and for the therapy but Frum is more generous, suggesting the book's a wake-up call.) His riff on birth rates is a bit surprising:
I for one would not bet the mortgage money that Europe's low birth rates of today will continue for very much longer. Nor would I place much confidence in the continuance of high birth rates among European immigrant populations. Human reproduction is very influenced by economic incentives, and in Europe today those incentives discourage child-bearing among the educated and encourage it among the least skilled. (For the unskilled immigrant an extra child means extra money from the government; for the middle class family, an extra child means extra expense in a society where the breadwinners must struggle to earn an additional $2 for every $1 they are allowed to keep.)

But what if those incentives change? I think we'd all be surprised at how rapidly behavior changed in response. Think of welfare reform in the United States. Welfare rolls began to shrink even before the welfare laws were changed, as welfare recipients realized: "Oh, they're serious this time. I guess I'd better get a job." Europeans are no less amenable to new realities than the American underclass.
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Dis 'n Dat is a new blog feature which will include unfinished jokes and posts, such as the what follows. Maybe I'll flesh it out later, but until then you'll need to fill in the blanks, like at a filling station where you have to pump your own gas.

I was imagining what if old Superheroes were around today. Superman would be told by a advertising exec that his "Fighting for truth, justice and the American way" would never work unless he put a "my" in front of truth and eliminated "American" since nationhood has become passe... Isis would be asked by a dull TV reporter whether her name was pronounced "Is-Is"...."The Six Million Dollar Man" would be told that's the cost of an appendectomy now... Batman might say to Robin in response to a Riddler riddle: "Robin, have you not read Sacramentum Caritatits yet?". Robin says, "Holy Cow Batman! It just came out last week!"..

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Mr. Luse blogs infrequently enough, and well enough, to make me snap at his line like a trout:

(Picture taken just after I clicked on his post.)

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Thomas Sowell goes all "Andy Rooney" on us here. Nice gig if you can get it, but I do agree with his one-liners:
Whenever I see the kinds of expressions on the faces of people in high-fashion ads, I feel lucky that I never met them.

Where are all the beautiful movie actresses? There are some better looking women on television news programs.

Will those who are dismantling this society from within or those who seek to destroy us from without be the first to achieve their goal? It is too close to call.
Meanwhile, I wasn't aware of how steadily McCain has been growing less conservative over time. (Run Fred, run?)

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