May 31, 2007

Back to Back

Well I got home from bingo, a rare back-to-back bingo, only to find a strange truck in the driveway.

I went & got the shotgun out of the gun rack, but turns out it wasn't an illicit affair but merely my sister-in-law visiting in the new vehicle she'd gotten.

She's getting married Saturday and apparently the wedding dress had to be adjusted again and my wife has the seamstress skills of ten women.

There was a wittiness in the air today as co-workers' moods were aligned in good humor. Even the old Italian millionaire wasn't his gruff self; he paid me a compliment by saying I was selling good. I was taken aback.

Pat & Kim, who I'll call "Pat" & "Kim" for the purposes of this blog, were soldiering on despite a bronchial infection & a back ache. Sometimes I do think women are inherently better people than men. Willie Cunningham, radio talk show host and voice of the common man, said that society is only good as long as its women, the "gatekeepers", are good.

If this post seems a bit thin, well, Kim (we'll call her "Kim") asked what I could possibly blog about tonight since there weren't a lot of customer-related unusual-alities. I took it as a personal challenge, like making poetry out of spam. (And with similar results.)

Oh, and you do know I was just kidding about the shotgun right?! :)

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