June 01, 2007


I scored 67% on this true art or fake art? quiz.

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Men without women is nicht zu gut.

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"After you!"..."No, after you."..."You first, I insist.."
It's hillary-arious that Hillary waited to record her "No" vote for the war funding bill after Obama. Politico says, "Reporters assumed Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois would vote against the final version of the war funding bill, since he’s never had a piece of the war. With Clinton, there was more drama."

Clinton voted minutes after, presumably to avoid providing a wedge issue for Obama. Nothing quite says 'authenticity' like a Clinton, 'eh? And yet Rush Limbaugh says he thinks there's an 80% chance she'll be elected, as does Robert Novak. Oy vey, I guess we get the politicians we deserve.

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